Getting the idea

It was in August 2013 when my attention was drawn to the cover page of a leading business magazine. Large letters proclaimed “Sabbatical, at last”. The idea of stepping outside our usual routine –  at least for some time – obviously must be a desire within many of us. Why else would a profit oriented monthly publication dedicate its main article to it? Anyway, the headline fulfilled its purpose. I bought the magazine and started reading – and dreaming.

Now it is March 2016 and I have 5 working days left in the office. We are just about to embark on our Family Sabbatical. This blog is intended to share thoughts and impressions along the way – firstly with family and friends, but open to the random visitor. We – my wife, my daughter and me – would love to take this journey together with you. So let´s use our imagination and this blog to travel together.