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The Mornington Peninsula

by wolf

Small colourful beach huts can be found all over the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula – the picture below was taken at the Dromana beach front. During the summer months, the whole Peninsula is very popular with Melbournians and other visitors, who come to appreciate the natural beauty, the wine farms and the culinary options that have developed here over the last decades. Well, we are out before everybody else comes in and are heading north to Melbourne!

Mornington Peninsula @ Dromana

Mornington Peninsula, here at Dromana

Scienceworks Melbourne

by wolf 7 Comments

Scienceworks in Melbourne is a great place for the young to discover (and for the grown-ups to re-discover) science. E.g. in the lightning room, where a huge Tesla coil is used to create real lightning. It´s part of a 30-minute live show on electricity. The show delivers a great reminder what happens if lightning strikes an aeroplane, a car, a bus shed or a golf player. Also nice: invent your own mobility concept for the future and have it displayed on a large screen! And that´s just two out of many things.

Science Works, Melbourne

Scienceworks, Melbourne


Strange critters at the Melbourne Museum

by wolf 0 Comments

Good on us that we are only dealing with the skeletons and not “the real thing”. This weeks field trip was to the Melbourne Museum. Great exhibitions on the mind (e.g. can you name the six fundamental emotions?), the body, World War I, the forest, Aboriginal culture and Melbourne itself.

Skeleton of an "Anhanguera blittersdorffi" (carnivor), Melbourne Museum

Skeleton of an “Anhanguera blittersdorffi” (carnivor), Melbourne Museum

Royal Melbourne Moonlight Cinema

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During the summer months, the Royal Melbourne Botanical Garden on some late evenings allows itself to be transferred into a huge open air cinema. You can upgrade your experience by renting a bean bag to lounge even more comfortably on the grass, while enjoying snacks and drinks and the movie – if it´s not “Allied”. That was the only drawback of an otherwise wonderful evening with friends at a stunning location! So when you come to Melbourne in the summer months, you might want to google “Moonlight Cinema”.