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When you have friends that are farmers, it gives you options. Like the chance to get an extra workout. We volunteered to help bring in the hay – and yeah, no need to pay for any fitness studio! That being said, it was endless fun! Probably also, because we do not have to do it every year. On top of it, we learned the difference between hay and straw (straw is usually cut after the crop has been harvested of its stems).

Nice, fresh hay – oh happy cows!

The alternative for people who can´t surf: boogie boarding

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Torquay usually attracts lots of surfers to famous Bells Beach. But you don´t have to be a surfer to enjoy Torquay. Just get a boogie board and you don´t have to worry about falling of any surfboard. Just enjoy the ride! Anything else required? Ah yes, sunshine and waves. The former was supplied by the Australian summer, the latter by Jan Juc Beach.

Boogie boarding fun, Jan Juc Beach near Torquay


The 12 Apostles, or rather the remaining 8

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The 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road was one of those places we definitely wanted to see! The name of the place obviously is from a time, when all 12 where still around, 4 have collapsed since and I wouldn´t be surprised if more are to disappear in the future. Anyway, what´s left is still impressive! Amazing what beauty can be created by erosion!

At the 12 Apostles, Port Campbell NP, Great Ocean Road

A practical little hub along the Great Ocean Road: Port Campbell

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Port Campbell is nicely located to explore some of the most popular spots along the Great Ocean Road – like the 12 Apostles, the London Bridge and various other Arches and Gorges. That´s why we chose it as a base to do some leisurely exploring. And it just is a nice spot in itself. The Port Campbell Creek doesn´t always make it into the ocean, but that just has the added benefit of a direct beach access – it´s just a short walk from the campsite along the riverbed et voilà, build your sandcastle!

View onto Port Campbell, Great Ocean Road