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Blue Mountains – take a deep breath…

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…and relax. The oil of the Eucalypt trees is what has given the Blue Mountains their name. It creates a blue haze which lingers over the treetops and which can be seen on clear days. Taking a deep breath is intoxicating and relaxing at the same time. Highlights for us were the famous rock formation “Three Sisters”, the Leura Cascades, Wentworth Falls, the Waradah Aboriginal Center and the fact that you can buy a 2hr scenic train ride from Sydney to Katoomba for 5,30AUD per person! That´s unbeatable public transport pricing!

Blue Mountains, view into the Jamison Valley near Katoomba


Fire and Rain

by wolf

Fire alarms in hotels – especially at night – usually lead to a small Pajama Party outside. It wasn´t any different in this case. We were told that something had gotten out of hand in the smokers room. Anyway, it wasn´t a big story and we all were able to go back into our rooms soon after, which allowed me to take this shot from our balcony. The lights of the fire fighting truck add an interesting ambiance to this rainy night.

Fire alarm, Pennant Hills (northern suburb of Sydney)