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Getting the idea

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It was in August 2013 when my attention was drawn to the cover page of a leading business magazine. Large letters proclaimed “Sabbatical, at last”. The idea of stepping outside our usual routine –  at least for some time – obviously must be a desire within many of us. Why else would a profit oriented monthly publication dedicate its main article to it? Anyway, the headline fulfilled its purpose. I bought the magazine and started reading – and dreaming.

Coober Pedy: The “Opal Capital” of the world

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And that is not an empty statement. 80% of all existing opal is found in this area! But that´s not all. Coober Pedy also claims to be the only place on earth where you can camp underneath the ground (at Riba´s) – of course in a discontinued opal mine. That in itself was an interesting and equally dusty experience. And then there is also the Hollywood side of this rustic outback location. Parts of “Mad Max” and other sci-fi/action movies were cast here, taking advantage of the rough and somewhat monotone surroundings of Coober Pedy.

Spacecraft from the movie "Pitch Black" with Vin Diesel which was partly shot around Coober Pedy (so was Mad Max)

Spacecraft from the movie “Pitch Black” with Vin Diesel which was partly shot around Coober Pedy