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Getting the idea

by wolf 4 Comments

It was in August 2013 when my attention was drawn to the cover page of a leading business magazine. Large letters proclaimed “Sabbatical, at last”. The idea of stepping outside our usual routine –  at least for some time – obviously must be a desire within many of us. Why else would a profit oriented monthly publication dedicate its main article to it? Anyway, the headline fulfilled its purpose. I bought the magazine and started reading – and dreaming.

Friends are priceless

What we were able to organise and get accomplished in Sydney within 2 weeks wouldn´t have been possible without good friends. Thank you Philip and Marylin, Tony and Karen and Gordon! Also thank you Brandon and Maria as well as Michael and Heather and all the others! Your warm welcome, your hospitality and your support is something we appreciate and value a lot! Couldn´t have done it without you!