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Gondwana Rainforests

We have set up camp at Nambucca Heads in the northern part of the state of New South Wales. Not far is the World Heritage site of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. The main information centre is located in Dorrigo National Park. From the coast the road winds itself higher and higher up into the mountainous “Hinterland”. At Dorrigo we enjoy the Skywalk above the tree tops and take the 6.5km long “Wanga-walk”, which takes us through pristine rainforest and past fabulous waterfalls.

View from Skywalk, Dorrigo National Park

View from Skywalk, Dorrigo National Park (State of New South Wales)

Fraser magic

In the last couple of days we were able to do several day trips to see red canyons, yellow pinnacles, colourful sand dunes, endless beaches, an old shipwreck, champagne pools, freshwater lakes, rainforests, large kauri trees, banksia woodlands, eucalyptus forests, Dingo footprints, different bird species, remote inland tracks, creeks, spiders and much more. You are welcome to take a look at the photography section. Not having had internet nor telephone reception the whole time strangely did not bother us at all.

Northern forests scenic drive: where the fire stopped, Fraser Island

Northern forests scenic drive: where the fire stopped, Fraser Island

Reef, rainforest and markets: Cairns

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Cairns – it´s probably best known as one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. It´s lush tropical climate is inviting, it´s setting between ancient rainforests beautiful. If you like shopping for fresh fruit and veggies you also have a reason to like Cairns. There are many beautiful food markets – we checked out Rusty´s close to the Wharf, which was a wonderful change from shopping at supermarkets (and far more reasonable, too).

Artwork decorating the public swimming pool, Cairns

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon (free swimming pool)

Rainforests have their name for a reason

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After setting over the Daintree river with the only available ferry we happily arrived at our rainforest camp in the Daintree National Park, which is still on the East Coast (North of Cairns). Daintree NP has the oldest rainforests in the world and has been declared a world heritage site. It is also the place, where we were reminded, why the word “rain” features in rainforest. Despite it supposedly being the dry season, we almost got washed away. During the nights it poured down solidly for hours and hours. Thankfully the mud puddles building up around us didn´t make it into the tent.

Cooper Creek, Daintree National Park

Mangroves and rainforest in the Daintree National Park