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Storm and lights out in South Australia

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After heavy rainfalls and already intense wind gusts, the electricity of our powered campsite in Adelaide went out in the afternoon. Assuming that the weather might have caused the problem, I went outside to ask others, if they also experienced a power failure on their sites. As two close-by gentlemen looked up from their smartphones, they informed me, that the problem was slightly bigger then my tent. The whole of South Australia had gone off the grid. As a once-every-50-years-storm was still to hit South Australia over the next two days – with predicted wind speeds of up to 140km/h – we decided to take our tent down, before the wind did, and moved into a cabin. Like many South Australians that night, we got out some candles, a nice bottle of wine and hoped that all would go well for everybody in the affected area.

Lights out in Adelaide - time for a romantic candle light dinner

Lights out in Adelaide and South Australia