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Unbeatable transportation!

by wolf 1 Comment

We had heard quite a bit about the Philippines from good friends, but nothing beats first hand experience. For example when it comes to local means of transportation. Let´s start with the Jeepneys. Based on old Willys Jeeps, which were left by the Americans after WW2 a whole mode of transportation has evolved since. Just attach a couple of metres to a regular Jeep front (or any modern equivalent), equip it with 2 long benches et voilà – you have a Jeepney that can transport a whole basketball team including cheerleaders. Only catch: they are not very high, which I (or more respectively my head) learned the hard way. Equally innovative are the tricycles, which pretty much turn a motorbike into a very versatile transportation capsule. You even get the Mercedes-version of that, which we took from the airport in Puerto Princesa to our accomodation today. It nicely fitted us (3 passengers), 2 large Samsonite suitcases, all our hand luggage and of course the (very friendly) driver!

Puerto Princesa, "Merc" Tricycle

Puerto Princesa, “Merc” Tricycle