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Going underground

The Puerto Princesa Underground River. Rated as one of the new 7 wonders of Nature and also an UNESCO world heritage site. What´s nice to know is, that the locals very much appreciate this magnificent site, too! According to our tourguide approx. 60% of all visitors are Filipinos! But first you need to get there. We opted for the convenience package: Van transfer with aircon (2h one way from PP), lunch including 1 bottle of coke, boat transfer to the entry point, boat tour into the cave with tourguide and VAT all inclusive for 1.500PHP/person (approx. 30€). The cave itself is surrounded by pristine tropical rainforest and the wildlife that goes with it. Sharing a boat with 8 people, we ventured into the spectacular cave, which is a complete ecosystem in itself. Bats, snakes, crabs, insects, etc. in a “spectatular limestone karst landscape” (UNESCO). And tons of stone formations, on which you can go wild with your creativity to come up with what these might look like. On some of the walls we discovered crosses, which early explorers had drawn for their protection as they believed demons to live in the cave. We also saw an inscription dating back to 1937 made by two American officers during an expedition.

Puerto Princesa, Underground River

Puerto Princesa, Underground River

Coral overload

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Somehow everything was aligned perfectly. The clarity of ocean water is influenced by a myriad of factors: currents, tides, moon phase, temperature, wind and weather are just some of them. On the day we had chosen to go out to the reef they simply all came together to create crystal clear water conditions. The snorkeling was out of this world, the coral and its colours simply incredible. And we haven´t even talked about the fish yet.

Colourful hard coral, Great Barrier Reef

Colourful hard coral at Moore Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef